The Best VPN for Korea

Unlike neighboring countries with strict internet restrictions, the Korean government allows its citizens a fair amount of Internet usage freedom. Without a Korean IP address, Koreans abroad would find it hard to access home content.

Regardless of where they live, everyone should have access to the fantastic variety of Korean content on the web. You can get access to this content with a reliable VPN. Additionally, they provide you with secure, anonymous connections, allowing you to browse freely and without restrictions, without limitations, wherever you are.

Most premium VPNs offer a money-back guarantee to ensure that you can test them risk-free. Premium quality “risk-free” VPNs are best. However, a few VPNs that provide affordable prices do quite well and offer enough security, privacy, and unblocking options. The only drawback is that some of them come with few disadvantages. The following article discusses the best VPNs for Korea.

The Best VPN for Korea

  • NordVPN (Best VPN in Korea for Streaming)
  • Surfshark (Best VPN in Korea for Torrenting)
  • IPVanish (Best VPN in Korea for Android)
  • ProtonVPN (Best VPN in Korea for iOS)
  • HideMyAss (Best Korea VPN with Large Server Park)

An Overview of Korea

Those new to Korea or non-natives unsure of Korean data laws can find some helpful tips here for complying with the law. You will particularly benefit from this information if you choose a VPN vendor with a local presence in Korea.

Korea Overview

Jurisdiction Characteristics
Political culture Democracy
Main IT hub location Seoul
Data protection registration Not required
Data protection officers appointment Not required
Data transfer to 3rd party disclosure Consent needed
Unlawful disclosure of sensitive information 10% of the company’s annual domestic turnover
VPN allowance Should be reported
Downloading copyrighted content Not allowed. For uploading, a ten-year penalty may apply, as well as penalties of up to two years for downloading.

Detailed Overview of the Best VPN in Korea

+Not a member of Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes -No splitting tunnels
+Ten or more servers in Korea -Dynamic IP addresses
+Streaming services and torrenting are available -No customer service number
+Double VPN -In the iOS app, the kill switch does not shut off all applications

NordVPN has more than 10 local servers in Korea, and it’s one of the most popular VPNs worldwide. As a Panamanian company, NordVPN is not affiliated with the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes and, therefore, can’t be forced to turn over data to government agencies. It has never suffered a security breach or given the government access to customer data. Our best discovery was that we found the user end’s performance equally strong, especially when streaming media was involved.

It is worth noting that the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and the 14 Eyes are surveillance alliances involving major world powers, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It includes sharing information between the signatories, including spying on citizens and tracking their online activity.

Double VPN for double security

NordVPN uses a double VPN technique, also known as multi-hop, unlike most VPNs, which route traffic through just one server. Multiple servers are involved in the transfer, and the information is encrypted multiple times. It was reassuring to discover that web traffic is completely hidden with that level of security, especially since the US Department of State stated recently that there is an increased risk of hacking in Korea.

Low Impact on Speed

A VPN will inevitably slow down web traffic to some degree. The servers transfer our information to another place before sending it to our online destination. It acts as a stopover on our journey. However, NordVPN only slowed downloads by nine percent on our PC in our testing. We experienced a 25 percent slowed connection on our Mac, but that still fell within the range of more conventional VPNs. In addition, multiple Korean servers ensure that you won’t be too far from a connection, which improves the speed of the service.

Minimal Logging

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see everything we do online when browsing without a VPN, regardless of using our private network or a public one. This information is transferred from the ISP to the VPN service provider when using a VPN. As a result, you must choose a VPN that will keep your personal information safe. It logs only the necessary information to maintain our accounts, such as our email address, payment information, and the last time we used the service. You do not have to worry about your IP address, the sites you visit, the files you download, or even how long you spend with the VPN.

Clean DNS Leak Tests

DNS stands for Domain Name Servers in the domain name system, a name always associated with an IP address, for instance, We review each VPN through a comprehensive test to determine if they mask our DNS when we connect to them. We were able to connect to NordVPN without experiencing any DNS leaks, which is good news.

+Unblocks many services that are restricted to certain regions -Download speeds can be slow
+Streaming HD movies without a hitch  
+Secures your online privacy and security  
+Access to an unlimited number of devices  
+Support available 24 hours a day  

Surfshark is an excellent low-cost alternative. Korea is one of the 65+ countries that have VPN servers from this provider. You’ll have no trouble streaming Netflix US, using P2P networks, or just browsing with this VPN, since it offers unlimited bandwidth, reasonable internet connection speeds, and excellent unblocking abilities. Due to its infinite connections, Surfshark allows you to use it on all your devices with just one account, unlike most VPNs.

Security is a priority for this service. 256-bit encryption, IPv6, DNS, a kill switch, protect your traffic, and WebRTC leak protection, although you can bypass some VPN restrictions by using the split tunneling feature. In countries with online censorship (like South Korea), Surfshark offers a NoBorders feature that allows you to browse freely. The service does not store any personally identifiable data, but you can make a payment in Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Ripple to ensure greater anonymity. You can chat with customer support 24/7.

Security, privacy, and logging

Compared with other major VPN providers, Surfshark’s security features seem fairly standard. The encryption is 256-bit AES, the highest level of security available. With perfect forward secrecy, this program uses SHA512 authentication hashes and 2048-bit DHE-RSA key exchanges.

The desktop apps employ OpenVPN as the default client, while mobile apps utilize IKEv2. Shadowsocks encryption is available for Windows and Android users if it cannot be established as an alternative to the other protocols. Now, Surfshark provides WireGuard as an additional protocol option. It boasts fast speeds, excellent security, and compatibility with all major operating systems, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular among VPN providers and users alike.


Surfshark has a no-logging policy allowing unlimited data and P2P use. While connected to the VPN, Surfshark automatically connects you to the closest P2P server (the closest one).

Furthermore, you can choose which traffic is tunneled through the VPN with the split tunneling feature. This is useful if, for example, you want to torrent but use another connection for other purposes.

In addition, all Surfshark apps feature a kill switch that will force the VPN connection to terminate if your internet connection drops unexpectedly. You can toggle the kill switch on in the app settings if it is disabled by default.

+Apps that are lightweight and multiplatform compatible -Its rivals can unblock more streaming services
+Connections with high speed -Paying anonymously is not possible
+Unique security features  
+You can connect up to 10 devices  

For those who are looking to protect several devices at once, IPVanish offers a lightweight app and strong multi-platform support, as well as ten simultaneous connections. This product is extremely fast and can stream HD content without any stuttering or buffering. Korean users can access a huge range of online content with IPVanish since it has more than 1,300 servers across more than 60 countries.

DNS and IPv6 leak protection is enabled by default, as well as 256-bit encryption. IPVanish’s security features don’t end there: you can also enable a kill switch (on desktop and mobile), obfuscate OpenVPN traffic, and change IPs every so often. Your activities cannot be tracked using this service because it doesn’t log any information about yourself. Are you in need of assistance? You can chat online with customer service 24 hours a day.

With IPVanish, you can use Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire TV, and Amazon Fire TV apps. In addition to Mac and Windows systems, but you must configure it manually.

WebRTC Leak Test

WebRTC is like a translator that enables Firefox, Chrome, Opera, whatever browser you’re using, to communicate. Data transfers become smoother, web conferences become less glitchy, and streaming The Office is more interruption-free. However, WebRTC relies on devices sharing their IP addresses to work. Using a VPN is therefore important to ensure this information does not leak.

Fortunately, we checked IPvanish on two laptop models – MacBook Air and VivoBook – and discovered no WebRTC leaks.

+Non-member of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes -Online ticketing is the only means of contacting customer service
+ProtonVPN cannot be forced to log customer data by Swiss law -Expensive
+Tests on Mac and PC indicate excellent speeds (over 60 Mbps). -Connecting to two devices at the same time is the only option in the basic plan
+The Korea server count is 12 -International Netflix isn’t compatible with the basic option

The physical infrastructure of this VPN is in underground bunkers in Switzerland and developed by actual nuclear physicists. We were confident that our data was safe because they do not fall under Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes and hold minimal data for daily account operation.

Privacy Policy

Our strict, audited policy is that ProtonVPN does not keep any information about you outside your payment information, email address, and support requests. In addition, the service provider encrypts and deletes all data recorded during a subscription once the subscription ends, which makes it one of the best VPN services on the market when it comes to privacy.

Split Tunneling

Through split tunneling, only a small part of our traffic is routed through a VPN, while the rest stays on public Wi-Fi. ProtonVPN, for example, lets you watch Netflix over Wi-Fi while browsing the web securely through the VPN at the same time. By preserving bandwidth, split tunneling increases speed.

Fast Connection

The fact that ProtonVPN managed to stream files, upload files, and play games without slowing down the internet is impressive, considering its advanced security. We experienced a 42 percent and 87 percent slowdown in our PC and Mac’s download speed, respectively, due to ProtonVPN. Despite the slow speeds, both computers were still able to reach 60 Mbps. Our PC upload speed only declined by 4%, and our Mac upload speed only declined by 10%. The increase in latency on the Mac is only one percent, and the increase on the PC is two percent. For gamers and other users looking for the best performance, ProtonVPN might be an option to consider.

Kill switch

Turning on the kill switch won’t harm anyone. The kill switch feature, or network lock, will shut down all your web traffic during those times when you lose a VPN connection. As a Plan B, it serves as a digital backup.

Consider the case where you are torrenting a large file that will take a few hours to download. A kill switch protects you from your Internet Service Provider seeing what you are doing if the VPN disconnects even for a moment. You should also use kill switches if you are a journalist and wish to remain anonymous online. You need them either way or fortunately, ProtonVPN includes a kill switch for Windows and Mac.

+The IP address of a server can be dynamically changed every 10 minutes -The U.K.-based firm is subject to 5EYE, 9EYE, and 14EOI
+You can stream Apple TV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime through this app -The extension logs domain and IP addresses
+Seoul has ten servers -Computers, particularly PCs, are significantly slowed down
+A strong encryption system -Android is the only operating system that supports split tunneling

By its name alone, HMA intrigues us, and of course, its features are compelling as well. You’ll also enjoy a robust encryption feature and a dynamic IP address if that isn’t enough to prompt your interest.


We have more than 1,100 servers around the world, including 10 servers in Seoul. In addition to covering 190 countries, HMA allows you to use it in Korea and at home without problems.


HMA is a superb option for those in Korea who wish to see what Apple TV, Netflix, and other streaming options offer across the country. Premier League fans in England and Korea can follow live matches online through a live streaming service! We watch foreign content to feel like we’re traveling while we’re stuck on the couch when we’re caught up in our daily routine. So it’s no wonder HMA is considered one of the best server parks for Korea.

Dynamic IP Addresses

In the absence of a VPN, hackers and advertisers can observe our IP address (which identifies our device). We use VPNs to encrypt our traffic and use different IP addresses. For this reason, we prefer using dynamic IP addresses, which change IP addresses with every new browsing session. It even allows us to opt for IP addresses that are changed every 10 minutes, which is a significant improvement over other security services. Hackers would have already moved on to a different IP address when they caught up with us.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Korea

When heading overseas, choose a VPN that gives you access to global content that’s restricted in Korea or lets you watch local shows while you’re abroad.

Provides a reliable security environment – To prevent hackers, government spying (such as South Korea’s online censorship), and third parties from accessing your data, you need a reliable VPN that offers top-of-the-line encryption. Additionally, you should choose a VPN that does not log your internet activity in any way.

There is more choice for reliable connections when a VPN has more servers in Korea. You will therefore be less likely to experience slowed speeds due to crowded servers.

Most VPNs fail to unblock streaming sites like Netflix when attempting to unblock them. Choosing a VPN that will allow you to bypass restrictions and get access to global content is the best choice.

Provides fast speeds – Connecting to a VPN may slow down your Internet speed, so be sure that the provider you choose offers sufficient bandwidth to stream your favorite shows without buffering or lagging (at least 25Mbps).

Availability of money-back guarantees – A VPN provider that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee is among the best. By doing this, you will have plenty of time to ensure they get around government firewalls and unblock streaming services.

Our Methodology

As we looked for the best VPN in Korea, we paid particular attention to providers with the most servers in Korea, ensuring a strong connection and faster speeds. Nonetheless, when testing VPNs, we don’t leave anything to chance because hackers are looking for any little cracks they can find. Trust us. We’ve tried all the features you could imagine!


Our VPN analysis aimed to determine what benefits and disadvantages each solution offers about security. DNS leaks, which reveal the websites a user is visiting, and WebRTC leaks, which show an individual’s IP address, are some of the most important vulnerabilities we should be aware of. The main purpose of VPNs is to protect web traffic and IP addresses. Thus, security issues in these two areas can be catastrophic.

DNS Leak Test enabled us to see what Domain Name Server (DNS) addresses were coming up when browsing the web and compare them with our own. VPNs will never expose our DNS when they are operating properly. Our major concern is protecting that information, so keeping that information secure is a real challenge.

To identify whether any WebRTC leaks occurred, we used the tool built by ExpressVPN (yes, it comes from one particular VPN provider, but it still gives us the objective information we need to confirm this). For example, we simply included our IP address in the table of IP addresses listed on the site to ensure that our real IP address wasn’t leaked.

There’s more to it than just the technology – we’re assured of our online security when the VPN is built by a reputable company. Because of this, we conducted an in-depth review of each company’s privacy policies and history. Specifically, we investigated whether any of the companies fall under the jurisdiction of any of the countries that are part of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes cooperation agreements (with all of which each country shares private web data with the others for a variety of reasons). If, however, a company has no headquarters in a member country of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes, it cannot be forced to provide customer data (legally speaking at least).

In addition, we pay attention to privacy policies; we believe VPN providers should only require information necessary to keep us connected and maintain our subscription. We conduct a little additional digging if they possess any of the company’s data that isn’t necessary to run our accounts, such as our email address or payment information. The tracking of browsing or traffic information is particularly alarming. In addition to the features already mentioned, a few others enhance peace of mind. Our data is encrypted multiple times through double-hop and multi-hop VPNs. There are also kill switches, which force our Internet activity to cease if our connection is interrupted.


However, to some degree, VPNs do slow down internet access, but there is a vast difference in speed between them, and that kind of nuance can mean the difference between watching Netflix or just accessing your work email in an airport lounge. Using, we test a VPN connection’s speed, upload speed, and ping (latency). By connecting directly to both the Optimum network and VPN, we can find the difference in percentages between the two results. Our testing is done on a PC and a Mac, even though we only use one device at a time since the two types of devices already differ in speed, and VPNs may impact their performance differently. The internet traffic a VPN slows down should not exceed 40 percent in any of these three categories.


In Korea, Netflix isn’t available in several popular shows such as Parks and Recreation and Criminal Minds, so we prefer VPN services to watch Netflix. However, it is possible to access US Netflix options without leaving Korea if you use a VPN and connect to a US server (though, of course, Netflix is actively trying to prevent this practice). Additionally, we examine VPNs that allow torrenting.

Furthermore, we prefer a VPN using split tunneling that can be used simultaneously over both a VPN and a public network. Although both can sometimes slow down your computer, VPNs that use split tunneling systems keep your speeds higher because only a portion of your traffic needs to pass through the VPN.

Subscription Costs

Ultimately, security is beyond our control, but let’s face it, most of us like to get it at the lowest possible price. Depending on the number of devices covered, VPNs can cost anywhere from $4 per month to $20 per month. A two-year subscription, or even an annual one, generally saves you more money than a monthly one, but excellent VPNs should provide a variety of subscription options. Also, the free trial period is something we’re big fans of-and we’ve put together a list of the best VPN free trial options for you. While there are a few decent free VPNs out there, most of them come with data caps and other hassles, so if you prefer using public Wi-Fi on various occasions, you’re better off opting for a paid VPN.

Pro Tip: By signing up for two or three years in advance, you can get the lowest VPN rates, often saving your company 75 percent or more compared to monthly prices.

Support Options

Most of us need to contact tech support at some point, and it’s hard to find good customer service these days. In addition to over-the-phone support, we prefer to have alternate methods of contacting support such as email and live chat.


To be a truly top-notch VPN, a VPN app must implement strong privacy and security features. It is just as important to protect your security while browsing your phone as on your laptop. As well as testing the apps ourselves on various types of phones, we look at the ratings and reviews for both the Android and iPhone apps for each VPN so we can ensure that most users are happy with the service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is it Legal to Use a VPN in Korea?

Although Korea has strict Internet laws, using a VPN is perfectly legal in this country.

How to Setup a VPN in Korea?

  • Download a VPN
  • Connect to a server
  • Start Streaming.

Which VPNs have Korean servers?

  • NordVPN
  • HideMyAss.

Which VPN has a Korean server for free?

ProtonVPN has multiple servers in Korea and is fast, secure, as well as log-free. Users looking to protect multiple devices at once will find it ideal since there is no connection limit.

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